Project Management and its lifecycle

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The most integral part of Project Management is to create a plan of action. Having an idea of the final deliverables helps designers in maintaining the synergy of innovation throughout the development process. There are multiple paths to get to the goal but the best one must be chosen. The developers at Leed are highly skilled at organizing the resources keeping in mind the time and budget constraints by utilizing the Project Management Software known as Jira.

agile transformation

Creating an environment of flexibility, adaptability, and collaboration of a company’s resources. At Leed, we are focused on keeping the client’s company modern with the help of evolving technologies. The result of implementing Agile Project Management is that the customers receive quality products that they will value as long as they can adapt according to their needs.

agile transformation


Without the involvement of a set of standards, Scrum uses an empirical approach to get the desired results. The baseline of Scrum is to learn from experience and keep on improving again and again. At Leed, we use the methodologies of Agile in Scrum to ensure the sustainability and timely delivery of the product. Scrum describes a set of meetings, tools, and roles of the team to make a product successful


The core process of Kanban is to keep the human resources on the same level of knowledge so that all the aspects of the software development cycle are aware of what’s going on. The team at Leed is collaborative and integrated to such a level with the Kanban Board that enables smooth workflows and transparency. Kanban System helps in the quick development of the product.


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We identify and study your core business issues properly.


We propose a multitude of solutions and you choose the best suited to your needs.


We select individuals who are experts in the technologies you need.


From design to development to delivery, we cover all stages of the software development cycle.


Starting with small manual testing and ending with automated QA testing to ensure reliability.


Releasing the software on your required platforms and ensuring maximum outreach.


Employ automated security measures that alert us when a threat is detected.


Removing errors and bugs encountered post-release.


Based on customer feedback we anticipate updates and reforms for the product.

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